About Us

Leaving the Conventional Structure Behind.

We are working on changing the classic hierarchical structure. We believe that the comfort and freedom of personality and ideas of our team is directly proportional to the quality of the service provided to the client. Valuable results occur when the members of VGF work as a team putting the best version of themselves, aware that their effort is valued.

Our path to a streamlined structure.

A different organizational model: each member of our team brings a particular contribution, which are all equally valued. Our lawyers maintain a close relationship and are in constant communication, to favor work environment and achieve the quality of service that characterizes us.

We are a transparent law firm: our administrative information, decisions and policies are always available to our work team. This generates an atmosphere of trust and certainty regarding the situation of the firm and its members, which promotes a strong sense of belonging.

All voices are heard: the diversity of our team and the experiences and knowledge of each of its members generate enriching feedback, which is a fundamental part of the firm's growth and has a great weight in joint decision-making. We do not have a single leader, but many.

● The Client, Our Priority.

We give priority and personalized attention to each of our clients; getting to know them and their needs is essential to achieve satisfactory solutions. We seek their peace of mind to facilitate any process they go through, always adding value and lightening their load.

● Impeccable Integrity.

In addition to academic and professional excellence, our attorney selection process has the highest standards of ethics, sense of responsibility and commitment to the community.

● Fair Play For All.

We have a team of lawyers who are experts in sophisticated and intelligent negotiation. Our services are focused on solutions, which stand out for being innovative and effective, always taking care of fair play. Our assertiveness and interest in common welfare help us build long-term relationships and find satisfactory solutions for all parties, always considering the benefit of our client.
At VGF we do not tear down bridges; we build and strengthen them.

● Shared Success.

Great results are achieved with hard work and collective effort. The growth and success of each of VGF attorneys increases the quality, productivity, and level of results of the entire team.