Panel Discussion: The Role of Civil Society in the Fight Against Corruption

On September 8, 2017, our partner Luis A. García Campuzano participated in a panel discussion on the role of citizens in the fight against corruption. The panel discussion was part of this year’s Monterrey Forum (ForoMty), which has become one of the most important events in the country on issues of citizen participation and the role of civil society.

Luis was joined on the panel by two leading anticorruption activists in Mexico: Mariana Niembro, of Borde Político, and Claudio X. González, of Mexicans against Corruption and Impunity. The moderator was Hurtado Luis F. Pérez, of CEEAD, a legal education think tank.

Among other matters, Luis suggested that Mexican states could become “laboratories” for innovation and best practices in the fight against corruption. This would require changing the centralized, command-and-control perspective that has so far prevailed on anticorruption efforts in Mexico.

Luis also pointed out that recent changes in applicable law have significantly increased the legal and criminal liability of private actors in corruption cases, and emphasized the importance that companies adopt and implement effective ethics and compliance programs.

On both of these points, Luis mentioned that the ability to engage in corrupt acts must cease to be a "competitive advantage" of states and companies to attract investment and participate in public projects. On the contrary, the big challenge is moving to a system where transparency and integrity are key elements for attracting and winning business opportunities.

Luis Garcia