Panel Discussion: “New Securities Market Architecture: In search of the strengthening of the securities market and the implications for the private equity industry.”

On August 22, 2017, our partner Alfredo Gómez Pérez participated in a panel discussion that was part of the Private Equity Forum, Northern Region, organized by Asociación Mexicana de Capital Privado (Mexican Private Equity Association, “AMEXCAP”), where among other strategies, the discussion concentrated on the establishment of a new stock exchange in Mexico (BIVA) and the implications that this will bring for the private equity industry in Mexico. AMEXCAP’s Private Equity Forum is one of Mexico’s most notable events in current and important legal and business matters related to the private equity industry.

In addition to Alfredo, other panelists included Bryan Lepe Sánchez, General Director of Issuers of the Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores (Mexican Banking and Securties Comission or CNBV), Fernando Pérez, BIVA Project Director, and Roberto Langenauer, Managing Director and CFO, Nexxus Capital. The panel discussion was moderated by Víctor González, Managing Partner at i-Structure.

Luis Garcia